A treat for body and soul.

Leave everyday life behind you with a relaxing massage.

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Back massage

A massage for the back and shoulder area, tailored to your needs.

25 min | 50 Euro

Bamboo Massage

Deep relaxation for the whole body.
During this wellness massage, the bamboo sticks create a lasting feeling of relaxation.

During this treatment the entire musculature is loosened.

25 min | 52 Euro

Reflexology foot massage

Stressed feet due to long standing or running need special treatment.

There are reflex zones on the foot that correspond to all other areas of the body via energetic pathways.

25 min | 49  Euro

Shi Tao

Feel the power of the smooth, approx. 60° degree hot basalt stones.

You will experience deepest relaxation. The combination of gentle massage and deep-acting heat is a true miracle cure for tension.

Back | 25 min | 56 Euro
Full body | 55 min | 86 Euro

Pregnancy massage

During the period of pregnancy, the expectant mother undergoes extensive physical and psychological changes.

Massage can relieve back pain and pain in the neck and shoulder area.

The future mom can experience her body in a completely new way.

55 min | 79 Euro

Kids Spa

Our Kids Spa Treatments are perfectly adapted to the little stars.

Little Prince | Little Princess

This treatment was specially designed for our little guests.

It consists of a facial cleansing mask and a small manicure - according to the wishes of the little princes and princesses.